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  • Lip Radiance

    Lip Radiance

    Infused with natural botanicals, Lip Radiance is a highly-pigmented, lasting gloss that improves lip texture and adds couture color.
    1036 Review(s)
  • Lip Radiance - Bundle Pack

    Lip Radiance - Bundle Pack

    Lip Bundle 4 for $65 (Pop, With my Heels, Unstoppable & Up Against the Wall)
    175 Review(s)
  • pop my cork


    The bundle includes the colors "Pop my Cork", and "Naked".
    27 Review(s)
  • Purples


    The bundle includes the colors "Uncontrollable", and "Unforgettable".
    1 Review(s)
  • Light Gold

    Body Radiance

    Make-up, moisturizer, and glow all in one!
    610 Review(s)
    $15.00 - $40.00
  • Glitter & Glam

    Glitter & Glam

    PERFECT for the New Year! In this colorful beauty book, Melanie Mills shares her glamorous makeup secrets.

    Order NOW to have your copy personally signed by Melanie Mills!
    756 Review(s)
  • Radiant Dust

    Radiant Dust

    This pure luxe, loose powder imparts shimmering glitz and glam.

    442 Review(s)
  • Face and Body Brush

    Face and Body Brush

    A perfect natural hair brush made for Radiant Dust or other loose powders.
    63 Review(s)
  • Pro Pack

    Pro Pack

    The essential Pro-Pack for make up artists and enthusiasts. One 1 oz Body Radiance of each shade. A $60 Value for $40.00

    Pro Pack not eligible for any Promo Code discounts.

    60 Review(s)

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